How does a Dehumidifier work in a basement?

How does a Dehumidifier work in a basement?

Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce the humidity level in the air. Most of the dehumidifiers made with compressor fans which suck in the moisture condense it and passes the water into a water tank which has to empty after reaching a certain limit.

A dehumidifier works in two ways: –

1. By Refrigeration

2. By absorption/adsorption

1. Refrigeration: –

This process is similar to the technology in refrigerators. In this process, air is cooled to remove the moisture. This process involves the following steps: –
• The warm, moist air is sucked in through a grille on one side of the machine with the help of a fan.
• This hot air passes over the cold freezing pipes in which coolant circulates. As the air cools down the moisture present in the air gets converted into water ad drips downwards off the pipes and gets collected in the tray at the bottom of the machine
• The moisture free air then passes over the heating element and get back to the original temperature.
• This warm and dry air blows back to the room by another grille.

2. Absorption/Adsorption: –

All of the dehumidifier does not work by refrigeration. Some of the dehumidifiers work by the process of absorption or adsorption. They absorb or adsorb the moisture from the air and throw it out the room. This process involves the following steps: –
• Moist air is drawn in through a duct containing a fan.
• This air passes through a giant rotating wheel which absorbs water and removes the humidity.
• The dry air is blowing back to the room.
• The moisture absorbed in the rotating wheel has hot air.
This hot and wet air is sucked by a fan and electric motor and blown out through an exhaust duct.

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