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HHSUC Dehumidifier 2000cubic feet Mini Electric Dehumidifiers for Home, Bedroom, Bathroom Ultra Quiet and Auto Shut Off – Reviews and Buying guide

HHSUC dehumidifier is a promising mini electric dehumidifier to restore the freshness in your house. Humidity plays a great role in developing molds, wet wooden floor, musty smell, and water condensation inside your home. The scenario gets worse during summers. Sometimes, a solution for the biggest problem may lie in a small box-like HHSUC Dehumidifier.

HHSUC Dehumidifier 2000cubic feet Mini Electric Dehumidifiers – Features:

This mini electric dehumidifier will work efficiently within the room size that ranges up to 2000 cubic feet, which is 269 Sq.ft.

HHSUC is noted for its less power consumption and being efficient in collecting around 26 ounces of moisture from the air per day.

This dehumidifier starts working with one press of a button and turns off in the same way. Hence, it is not that hard to operate.

This dehumidifier works with Peltier technology, thermoelectric cooling, to refresh the air. Hence, there is no compressor or chemicals inside that little white box. Thus becomes safe for both humans and the environment.

This HHSUC dehumidifier is lightweight, small, portable, and has its one removable water reservoir, which can hold up to 70 ounces.

The ideal condition for this HHSUC dehumidifier to work is from 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit and 85% Relative Humidity. The reduction of this atmospheric condition will result in inefficiency.

Like most of the dehumidifiers in this list, this HHSUC is also ultra-quiet, which has only 40db that can only be heard to remember the unit is active. Hence, it won’t bother your sleep.

It is a small unit and has a hidden handle to port it to anywhere within your house.

It’s white and small, which will fit your house decore aesthetically.

This small compact unit can be used in places like bedrooms, kitchen, basements, garages, caravans, and boats.

Most of all, it saves your electric bill a lot.

HHSUC Dehumidifier 2000cubic feet Mini Electric Dehumidifiers- Key features:

A removable water storage unit that saves extracted water for up to 2-4 days.

The auto-off system triggers when the water storage tank gets full. There will be no leakage accidents. The tank can be emptied by pulling out the rubber stopper and pouring it down.

The auto-off system also triggers an LED to indicate that the tank is already full and needs draining.

An updated new design makes it look good.

Ultra-quiet for the household.

Strong ABS plastic is used on its chasing

Power consumption is 40W

Dimensions are  8.9″ (L), 5.9″ (W), 14.6″ (H).

Weight: 4.8 pounds.

HHSUC Dehumidifier 2000cubic feet Mini Electric Dehumidifiers – Price:

The HHSUC Dehumidifier 70oz Water Tank Mini Electric Dehumidifiers costs only $79.94. This product will also be shipping across the United States without a shipping charge.